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Ewaldsgaarden's website layout and event materirals


Icons, flyer, guidebook and exhibition booth


Massage fusion
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Design consultanting (website)

Massage Fusion


logo design

Invitation design

Food Photoshoot set-up and layout

Sachi Sushi

Invitation design

Poster design

Menu design

Zhiki Sushi

Menu design

Branding and illustration

Children clothing online store

Layout spread for EU-modstand fra midten

Website design and icon illustration

Children book illustration

The Tale of Nain

Invitation design and illustration

Flyer, business card design, photography and illustration


Something about Claire

Name: Claire Tsang

Date of Birth: 20-12-1979

Nationality: British

I'm a Hong Kong Chinese born graphic designer living in Copenhagen. I moved to Copenhagen in 2001 to complete my Master's degree in Visual Communication at Danmark Designskole.

Since finishing my education, I've been working as a graphic design freelancer, specialising in logo design, layout and prints, which I create mainly by using Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop. Alongside this I produce small products for my own company clairesmile, including greeting cards, hand-printed products and similar items. Being a Hong Kongese, I have a great understanding on the Asian culture and it gives me an advantage towards Asian market/clients.


I'm creative, open-minded and innovative. I have an eye for detail, enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and love travelling. I value any chance to explore and widen my perspectives.

Outside of graphic design, I also enjoy interior design and product design. My other interests are food, cooking, martial arts such as kung-fu, meeting friends, swimming and Zumba fitness, in which I am also a licenced instructor.


2001-2007 Danmarks Design Skole (Master's Degree in Visual Communication)

2000-2001 Surrey Institute of Art and Design (UK), University (Foundation of Art and Design)

1998-2000 Sidcot School (Bristol, UK), A-level

Work experience:

2008-2018 Freelance Graphic Design and development of clairesmile

2018 Freelance Graphic designer, Graphic West

2016 Zumba instructor at Fitness DK Sydhavn

2012-2014 Kitchen assistant at Lækkerier, part-time

2008-2011 Waitress at Sachi Sushi, part-time

2006-2007 Shop assistant at The Moood, part-time

2006 Intern at Kie Design, Hong Kong (graphic design, book design and layout)

2005 Waitress at Zeleste and Dansk Design Center, part-time

2005 Opened company 'clairesmile' (graphic design, illustration and product design)

Software skills:

Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop


Graphic design, layout, photography, concept  developing, logo design, illustration, visual communication

Languages: English, Danish, Chinese (fluent Cantonese and basic communication skills in Mandarin)




Graphic West

-Réne Bøtcher Jarmer

-Director Industry (Pharmaceutical packaging)




-Kamran Jamshidi, Vice President of Product -Management

- phone +45 70345680


People's Movement against the EU,

- Lave K. Broch, campaign coordinator

- E-mail: lave@folkebevaegelsen.dk

- phone +45-28922127


Kei design, Hong Kong

- Marco Yip, Art Director and Creator

- E-mail: info@keidesigne.com.hk

- phone: +852 35202904



Contact: Claire Tsang

- phone: +4528922247

- E-mail: clairesmile@yahoo.com





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