What does clairesmile do?

clairesmile likes to create sweet and thoughtful things to give to dear friends and loved ones.

People have become so lazy that they can't even make the effort to buy a proper birthday card for their friends.

If only we can regain the sense of surprise and sweetness felt at sending and receiving real cards in the post.

That's how clairesmile started!!

You don’t need a special occasion to send your loved ones a card or present.

Care more about the people around you! Smile more. Smile at the people you don’t even know. Smile every day, and help to make the world a better place!

Let clairesmile help you to bring back the warm feeling in people’s hearts.

We also cares about the environment, that's why we try to find materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Our greeting cards and notebooks are made using FSC paper or with Svanemærke (logo). Envelopes are made of recycled paper, and the t-shirts we use are from Neutral (only good things are in this brand :) ).

I create these products with my heart and I would like to share them with you.

Beside greeting cards, I do bespoke invitations, graphic design

(logo, website, business card and all prints design, etc)

One of a kind party

Special day needs special care

Time to show off? :D

Let your guests know more about you and your wedding, baby shower or birthay.


There's nothing like a custom made wedding invitation. It should be something to be proud of, because it is a day to be remembered for a long time.  Let us hear about your vision.


There is no party is too small

for custom made design!


Small party, big party, dinner party, wedding, baby shower, birthdays...


We love making parties pretty, every little detail helps to make the event whole.


We listen to you then design


Your favourite colour, your favourite animal, your favourite place to be...

We will visualise your ideas into our design. Or just simply choose our design and put in your name!


Contact us and let us help you to make your event a day to remember!



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